Prairies | Cycle Across Canada

Here is a long overdue update – finally edited to include photos!

Dave pedaled into Edmonton with cross winds from the South doing their best to blow him into the path of passing vehicles, and Maxine flew in as planned and we stayed with Chad and Laurie – many thanks for the stay!Before Maxine arrived, Laurie took me to the West Edmonton Mall:


Jo and Steve were not with me, so I didn’t have to go on this monster!!

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Geocaching | Cycle Across Canada

If anyone is interested in Geocaching we have a Travel Bug (TB) with us named “Dilly Bug Bear”. She will be the first (I think!) TB to traverse Canada by bicycle! Here she is enjoying a view of the Rockies:

More about Dilly later when she reaches Newfoundland!

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It’s cold and wet up north | Cycle Across Canada

I put my tent up last night 65kms east of Prince George at Purden Lake – a campsite with a small cafe – then the rain started!! Rained all night, and this morning my bedroll was floating on water in the tent! Luckily it is thick enough that only a bit of the sleeping bag got wet! Last night I bought 4 big turkey sandwiches on home baked bread from the cafe and ate them en route today. Had to pack the tent and fly both soaking wet!!


Here is tent drying method no.1 – all pegged out on grass at the edge of the highway!

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Northern BC | Cycle Across Canada

Under cloudy skies and threatening rain and starting out at 6:30am, I made the 156 kms from Prince Rupert to Terrace in 10 hours! Overnight at the Ferry Island campsite, and next day rode to Kitimat. All the way, the hills seemed to have grown since I was living there in the 1960’s! Went back to Alcan, where I was interviewed for “The Ingot” which is the in-house newspaper.


Me outside the old office building – 40 years on!

And here is another bit of history! These mountains are the Seven Sisters near Cedarville, and also some 40 years ago, my friend Klaus and I were the first to stand on the summit of Sister No. 7 !


Sister No.7 is on the left

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