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HERE ARE SOME GREAT CYCLING LINKS | with a brief description of each one

Emily sent us  this article on the health benefits of cycling

Just had a very useful bicycle link researched by a young man named Dom – thanks!

Beginers guide to cycle maintenance.

After the “Adventures in Progress” links, we list some other interesting cycling websites. First check this “all about bikes” prepared by some home schooling students.

All about cycling.

Best independent bike and components reviews.

And this one, although prepared in the UK, equally applies where we ride on the right hand side of the road. This really is the definitive safety guide! Definitive guide to safe cycling.

Had to include this:

My name is Jennifer and aside from being a teacher (and health blogger for fun), I am a mom to my two amazing kids.
My 12-year-old daughter Jessie absolutely loves to bike ride and has loved it for the majority of her life. Recently, she added a very specific kind of bicycle on to her birthday list; a beach cruiser. She told me that she has been working on a project for her art class and it was to sketch a picture of an object out of a book that her art teacher provided, and a beach cruiser bike was one of the options. She said she loves the look and would love to own one. While I was doing some research on different types of bikes and bicycling in general one morning, I happened to come across the Dave & Maxine’s Cross Canada cycling links page. This page led me to some great information and interesting reads. I am so glad to have found it!

After Jessie included the bike on her list, she then shared with me an article about the history of the beach cruiser bike, and it is fantastic. The article does an awesome job of going through each year and then providing some more resources at the bottom for additional reading. I was so impressed to see that she had found such an interesting and informative article for me to read up on the type of bike she wanted. When I started writing this thank you email, it came to me that I should share this article with you. I think it would be a really neat addition to add on to your cycling links page!

Here is the article:

Now check out these folk currently on a “grand tour” by bicycle and read some great stories!

Adventures in Progress

Julian Sayarer sets out to beat the record for cycling around the world – currently at 194 days and 17 hours!

Antonio Tomaselli Alaska to Patagonia. Also see his BlogSpot

José Ignacio Leguina Aranzamendi (Txu) around the world for several years. Now on the Silk Route

Interesting cycling websites:

Andrew Linder a Mountain Bikers blog.  Lots of info on gear and equipment, plus some bike reviews.

Christian Bomio around the world

Adam K’s Cycling Site

Tours, gear and useful links. Plus, Adam lives right here with us on beautiful Vancouver Island and he also supports the BC Lung annual Trek!!

Mike Vermeulen’s Website

Great stories of bike rides from North America to Russia taken by Mike since 1992 – allow yourself plenty of time to visit this site and read his cycling adventures!!


Great site that has links not only to cycling, but all forms of non-driving road travel – the site of “subcultural” movement!

ibiketo – cycling news

This is an active blog with news of interests to cyclists – mainly Toronto but also picks up news from the rest of Canada and overseas.

Metal Cowboy

Joe Kurmaskie is the “Metal Cowboy”. Visit his site and check out his books and cycling adventures with his family.

Cycling 101

James Noble’s site with all you need to know about cycling. This link goes to our article on fund raising. From there, follow the links to the rest of his website

Rolling Roads

This site gives some ideas and offers supported vacation rides for those not yet ready to “go it alone”. Well worth a read.

Bike Trails

A site where cyclists can add details of their favorite trails and rides. No fees – anybody can post their ride.

Martino’s Bike Lane Diary

This is the Bike Lane Diary mainly about cycling in Toronto – useful for anyone cycling in any major city! Lots of photos and resource links. We love his uTube link – so you think your bike is safely locked while you quickly run into a shop? Check this: Bike thief at work – who cares?


Jack Jenkins blog about cycling for wellness. Some useful links to fitness.


The rants of Arleigh Arsbars. Miscelllany about life, bicycles and other stuff. Good links.


Random musings on cycling, racing, touring, commuting, work, life and etc. Oh, yeah, and fixed gear bikes. This site always up-to-date.

My Bike Blog

A bike blog based out of Buffalo. Long list of useful links, and lots of interesting blog entries – plus a great entry about us!!

Bike Nerd

A blog site out of Seattle. Bike touring, camping. Check out his “Tags” from all over the world.

Pedal West (Fellow Cross Country Cyclists)

About a cross USA cycle ride in 2001 – they went the same direction as our first cross Canada ride from East to West. Wonder what they thought of the head winds?!


This is a real spirit lifter! Ross went from being unable to walk, talk or read to an 18,000 km tandem ride around Australia. Donations to the National Stroke Foundation.