Still Raining in Quebec | Cycle Across Canada

It’s official! Most rain in Ontario and Quebec this summer since 1937!

I am now in Quebec staying a day in Montreal. I have been soaked through so many times, hard to remember what it was like to ride in the sunshine! At least the rain has stopped long enough each day for me to dry my tent!

Had a nice morning enjoying the cycle paths through Ottawa, but then spent the afternoon in real heavy rain finally making 191kms before a brief dry period enabled me to put up my tent, and then it rained most of the night


In front of Parliament – Stephen Harper did not come out and see me!

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More Ontario – Cycle Across Canada

I guess Ontario being the widest Province I will cross, it will get more photos! It seems that the large low pressure extending over the north gave very unsettled weather to eastern Ontario, and the centre of this low moved east about the same speed as me! I am getting quite accustomed to being wet, and putting on wet clothes in the morning – it has been too humid to get them dry overnight in my tent! Here are some pictures:


Mom and not so small baby moose! Steve took this one with his good camera!

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Ontario! | Cycle Across Canada

The prairies are finally behind me and after all that headwind we experienced 3 years ago, I had only ONE day of typical prairie westerly wind! On that day I made 201 kms. Heading east towards Elna, I saw a bear running down the bank towards the road, and on a collision course with me, so I slowed down and she ran across in front of me. As soon as she reached the other side of the road, she was followed by 3 (yes, three) cubs! When they found themselves out of the bush and on open pavement, they stopped infront of me and began to play. I braked hard not wishing to upset Momma bear, but she simply called, and they all ran off to join her!


Storm approaching near Ontario Border

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