Cycle Across Canada on YouTube

Well I guess it is long past the time we joined the YouTube generation, and yes, we are now on YouTube!!

Click here to watch our animated slide show of our two trips across Canada and Dave’s Icefield Parkway ride:

Dave & Maxine Cycle Across Canada for the Lung Association

If you have fast download and the “HQ” tab at bottom right is black, click on it to watch in High Quality (If the “HQ” is red, you are already watching high quality!)

The more you and your friends watch, the higher rankings we get which is good for potential future donors!!

Cycle Across Canada? Not for a while!

For the past 6 months Dave has been out of action with an injured shoulder. And, “no” not due to something exciting such as being knocked off his bike, or crashing down a black ski run, but a simple fall on the ice on our deck resulted in tearing 3 rotator cuff tendons, and also partially ripping 2 of them off the bone! So after waiting a few months, here is the result:


Yes – Dave needed a couple of hours surgery to fix the problem!!

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