Newfoundland | Cycle Across Canada

For most of Atlantic Canada, this was the view seen by passing motorists – my home-made Volkswagon advert!!


Nice jacket, but unfortunately so much rain, it lost all its waterproof characteristics before Newfoundland, and I had to buy another!

Before heading for the Newfoundland Ferry, I found all these cormorants in the evening near Pictou, Nova Scotia, and then compare the photo the following morning when an intruder moved in!


All at rest

And then next morning, this was the sight:


Where have they all gone?


The culprit – a bald eagle!

A long wet ride for a few days to North Sydney and the ferry to Argentia. Ferry had engine problems, so it was “slow steaming” to Newfoundland where we arrived at 1am! Not wishing to cycle in the dark, I simply put up my tent at the side of the Terminal Building, and went to sleep! Next day set out in the rain and very heavy rain to St. John’s.


I was very happy to see this sign!

Next day dawned bright and clear – my first day without rain for about three weeks! Here are a couple of views from the top of Signal Hill which I cycled up to the top!


A rare sight! St. John’s on a clear day!


Looking south to Cape Spear and wondering if I can cycle out there?


I rode to cape Spear which involved three big hills totaling about 400 metres elevation!

Compare the following photo with the weather at the same spot on our first ride – see : Newfoundland 2005


Back in St John’s and the Terry Fox Memorial at Mile Zero.


Just to prove that me and bicycle made it to the top of Signal Hill (150 metres)


Last day in Newfoundland – fog en route to the Airport!

And that is the final entry for the 2008 cross Canada ride! And now for our next adventure ….. Watch this space!

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