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Just to backtrack, here is my last photo before heading inland away from the St Lawrence Seaway which turned out to be my last fine day for quite a while!!


A nice day along the St Lawrence – Riviere du Loup in the distance!

Spent a very wet couple of days getting to the Confederation Bridge where cyclists are not allowed to cross, so we have to phone from the Information Centre for a transport vehicle (NB: In New Brunswick use exit 51 just before the Bridge) My bike was too big to fit their trailer, so had to go on the tandem clamp!


Confederation Bridge from the New Brunswick end

Over the Bridge and in more rain made my way across PEI via Charlottetown, and yes if you followed our 2005 entries, the “Naked Lady” is still there! (Follow the link and scroll down to June 16th!

Got a farewell rain soaking from PEI and went on the ferry across to Nova Scotia. As we crossed, I could see the big thunder clouds gathering over my route ahead, so just went into Pictou and stayed the night hoping for better weather next day….!?

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