What’s up at home as we Cycle Across Canada?

Everyone knows what I am up to but I am craving the local gossip and news from friends and family. If I don’t know you just tell me about your new adventure dream.
A couple of questions. What do you do in the prairies in the middle of a lightning storm? I would like to know how others cycled across Ottawa!!
Looking forward to Winnipeg…..just down the road :0 Maxine

PS and Fellow Bike Bloggers!

As we Cycle Across Canada, we remember: Happy Birthday Shirley, Wishing you loads of adventure for the year to come. Keep me posted.
Love Maxine
We would like to thank the fellow Bike Bloggers that have linked to us. And for those who we’ve missed, pleased drop us a line and we would be more than happy to link back to you. Thanks again! Originally posted 25 May 2005. These links now all transferred to our dedicated page on this site “Great Cycling Links” Dave – February 2008

Ottawa and West | Cycle Across Canada

A difficult ride from Montreal trying to find roads we were allowed to cycle along! Followed the Ottawa River to Ottawa and a great reception from Pete and Michele – thanks guys for a wonderful stay – difficult for us to leave you and get on those bikes again! Especially thanks for the Birthday dessert, and wonderful to meet up with Catherine, Seb and Helga – lots of memories from our Dubai days!

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