On our Way | Cycle Across Canada

Here we go for another 9,500 km ride across Canada! We are being sponsored by many Volkswagon Dealers en route. After purchasing our VW Jetta Diesel we cut by over 50% our fossil fuel usage – without reducing our driving distances. We get more than twice the fuel efficiency of a comparable gasoline engined car – good for the environment and makes economic sense with oil at over $100 per barrel!


Dave departing from Sunwest Auto in Courtenay.


Just had to post this photo from my last ride of the year!! Recorded this on the descent of Mt Washington, Vancouver Island on a quiet weekday with no other traffic around. Glad I didn’t meet deer at this speed. I was using my Cannondale road bike!


A Cycling Family Cycle Across Canada

How about these guys for a cycling family? This is Joe, Beth, Quinn, Enzo and Mateo – who is only one year old and already on his first cross Canada journey!! They set out from Portland and are are heading for Nova Scotia via Prince Rupert and the Yellowhead Highway. There being little or no hard shoulder from Campbell River to Port Hardy, we shipped them off all packed into and onto our car! Joe deposited the family in a motel, drove our car back to Courtenay, then next day took the Greyhound back to his family in Port Hardy! They all had to be up next morning at 4:30 am to cycle to the Ferry Terminal!!


See “Continue reading…” for a great photo of their multi-tandem bicycle!….

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Cycling in Australia – and other stuff

We have just been for a short visit to Australia, and in tune with the cycling format of our website, here we are cycling “Down Under” in Darwin – see Darwin Bicycle Tours An Aussie guy named Steve is running this cycling tour, so if you find yourself in Darwin, give Steve a call on 08 8942 1022.

Our Darwin bike ride. See “Continue reading…” for more pics.

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