The Feldmanns Cycle Across Canada

The Feldmanns are a family we have been keeping in touch with and watching their progress while we have been going along. They left Kelona before we did and we were hoping to see them as we went.
As we were leaving Town I looked across the road and over the top of the hill I see a cyclist. Soon I see he is foolowed by three others. At this point we are separated by 5 lanes of traffic. I don’t have time to explain to dave as I park my bike and run over to the road side. I shout but they can’t hear. They heard my whistle though and they stopped and I asked if thet wer the Feldmanns and when they said yes we walked over and shook hands and they knew who we were. We all needed a bike shop so we all went to one close by and chatted between getting business done.
What a fine family. The youngest boy Tristan who is 10 and the oldest boy Stefan, 13 are a real inspiration.
Computer time is up . Think Computers easy access for us Love M