Cycle Across Canada where Ontario is really BIG!

After a late start from the Soo (only hit the road at 5:30pm!) we headed towards the hills of Lake Superior. All the riders we have met travelling towards us warned us of these hills! By 5th of July we were at Agawa Bay sharing a campsite with hundreds of mosquitoes, and steeling ourselves for the start of the big hills next day!

Sure enough, next day en route to Wawa, we climbed a total of 1,200 metres including these “biggies” 87M 46M 37M 80M then a rise of 100M over 20 or so kms followed by hills of 157M 30M and 150M!! Next day saw us arrive at White River – home of Winnie the Pooh – after climbing another set of hills for a combined day’s total of 1,050 metres. From there to Marathon next day was not so bad – only 430 metres total! Next day to Terrace Bay made up for it though, with a set of hills totalling 1,300 metres – and all this climbing in a humid heatwave!! Next to Nipigan and a welcome shower and laundry at the Husky truck stop (after a total climb of 1,200 metres to get there!)
We then made a 115 km day (plus 1,000 metres of hills!) to Thunder Bay – passing by the Terry Fox Memorial. What courage he showed to get this far. A night with John and Barb Mason, Andrew and Natasha who kindly put up a big tent in the garden for us, and fed us – many thanks!! Lots more hills, several days of over 100kms each coupled with daily climbs in excess of 1,000 metres, and we are now in Ignace.
We have a lot of photos, but these small town libraries where we can access the Internet, don’t have enough software for us to download the pictures! Ah well – maybe when we get to Winnipeg!