Recipe for Frazzled Cyclists | Cycle Across Canada

We arrived and all seemed well and we were off to see ST. John’s and then leave town.

Work your buns off at home before a long trip.
Don’t sleep the night before you leave because of excitement.
Get up at 4 am to get to the airport. (no sleep on the plane)
Arrive at 12 midnight and and guess how much you sleep!
Get up and ready to go and realise the bikes are not right and are bent in several places.
Call in for a night at the campsite. (Campsite is closed but we stayed anyways)
Freeze because it is bloody cold. No sleep!
Get the bikes fixed and have a late start in pea fog and rain!
This left us a bit frazzled but our spirits were high!
Can’t wait for summer though!
peace and restful nights, Maxine