We are off to Cycle Across Canada

We are off and riding. Today’s visit and riding won’t be a lot.

Camping tonight in St.John’s to have a quick peek at the town and then off tomorrow down the highway (up really) to the next place to rest our heads (buts really). The weather is suppose to clear for the next two days so we will see how well we do.
Thank you Corri for getting up at 4 am to drive us to the airport and seeing us off. Was good to see you and James before we left. Andrew, email the email I sent you as this computer won’t let me cc things.
Len and Judy, so glad our puppies are fine. Remember Sasha is not suppose to run for the ball if she has to make a fast stop. Through it into the bush. Glad the cheese was a good source of comfort food.
I know I am not suppose to worry about home things now!!!!
Sally, say hello to Shanna and let her know we are thinking of her. Hope all is well. Pet our fat cat for us.
To all of you, Thanks for your support.
See all you Valley people in September, or sooner if we are fast on the prairies and the wind is behind us.
peace, Maxine and Dave