Some Rays of Sunshine | Cycle Across Canada

There were so many nice things that have happened. The people are very friendly and helpful. They and the trees are alike, of good stock, able to survive the biting cold.

We left the camp site, Pippy’s Park, and we were on the way to fix my bike and we were stopped by a photographer from the paper and wanted to take our picture for a photo collage of people doing things in St. John’s. Not a lot of cyclists here.
We found Bill’s Bikes who fixed our bikes at a very reasonable rate and they were super! Then off we went to Conception Bay. We wonder why they call it that. 😉 We stayed at a wonderful B&B and crashed from 6:30 till morning. No more frazzle. A hardy breakfast and good company with a few fishing stories and we rode to Chances Cove.
We stayed at beautiful Belle Vue Campsite. Yes, it was closed but the owner was working on it so he was very sweet and let us stay the night. We had an out house and running cold water. After riding 90 or so K it was a wonderful. Pasta for dinner and a hot campfire and we were very happy with the days events.
Up early and off to Clarenville where again the service was helpful and the stay was at St.Jude Hotel. Dave’s brakes need fixing and the bikes shop does not open until 11. Go figure!! There isn’t a lot of places to stop that are a good distance so we decided we would stay another night and make a good day of it tomorrow.
The rain is pouring down and it is about 2 degrees outside, so I think we will be riding in the rain. I just looked outside, it’s snowing!!:(
For all you people out there that are thinking NL looks flat on the map, you are soooo wrong the hills are long and the grade may be gradual but it never quits. We will be in fine shape before long. Oh, yeah, and they don’t have pot holes on the shoulders, they have crevices. The saving graces are the friendliness of the people.
Dave will blog our stats of altitude later for all you stat junkies out there.
Richie at Sandwick, we took a picture of the General Hospital, the only one we saw. Hope it’s the right one.
Peace and Think Warm. Maxine and Dave