New Habits as we Cycle Across Canada

It appears we are creating a new habit of sleeping outside of a gas station off a highway and using their bathroom. All the necessities of home!! Hot running water and a flush toilet!

Still getting a bit cold at night but we are managing to cycle up some heat during the day. We spend a lot of time putting things on and stopping to take them off again. It will be nice when the REAL summer hits.
We cycled past the wet lands on the way to Fredericton, NB and we had some awesome views. The best views were from the bridges we were not suppose to ride on. We ride up to them on the highway and they say no cyclists allowed due to high winds. Duh. Why not give us posted signs before that telling of alternate routes.
What could we do? Well they were wonderful to ride across and what a view. A bit windy when trucks went by but safe all the same. Just wish we could have stopped and taken a few pictures. We wound up in Fredericton for the night.
By the way, if anyone out there knows Steve Livingstone, give him a big Birthday hug for us. Happy birthday Steve!! Your Dad really wants to keep you busy with that winch he gave you. Have fun!!
Signing off, Love Maxine