Mainland & New Brunswick | Cycle Across Canada

After the fog and rain, we finally get some sunshine!

Before we get to the NB bit, here are some numbers for PEI and Nova Scotia:
NS 304 kms 2,446 metres Riding days 3
PEI 131 kms 926 metres Riding days 3 and whoever said PEI is flat was certainly not riding a bicycle!
As we were about to board the PEI ferry, we met Maude and Valerie from Quebec who were cycling to Newfoundland – we wish you two all the best of following winds across those Newfoundland hills!
PEI is certainly a pretty Island, and we enjoyed a stay of two nights in Charlottetown where we finally ate a Maritime Province lobster dinner! We also took in our first live music by watching on stage “Walking with Patsy Cline” and next night went to an “Off Broadway” type cinema to see “The Ballad of Jack and Rose”
The Confederation Bridge is truly an undertaking, and has to be travelled! No cyclists allowed, so we had to be shuttled across – only to find ourselves in the middle of nowhere with a 25 km ride against the wind to the nearest town! So late, we simply set our tent by the roadside in Port Elgin opposite friendly Murphy’s Convenience who let us use their washroom! Many thanks.
Next day a breakfast at Quick Stop Takeout our breakfast was paid by Pete McKay and friends – many thanks to you all, and to the lady at the counter in Murphy’s who gave a donation to the Lung Association!