Training (for the weather?) | Cycle Across Canada

Although we have a wonderful mental picture of cycling everyday in glorious sunshine, the reality is that “sometimes” it may rain! So, I guess with only three months to go, we had soon better start some training – even if the weather is unkind!

The weather seemed to be OK, so I set off south along the Island Highway and although a bit cold, I decided to put on a brave face and wear my shorts. The weather changed within 10 minutes, and I was soon pedaling in a downpour! Well, I figured this is probably pretty close to what we can expect across Newfoundland in early May, so I had better just get used to it.
A couple of hours later, a bit saddle sore, and with soaking wet feet, I arrived home – only to discover that all the fine grit spread over the roads during the last snowstorm gets caught up in the spray created by the bike tires, and was all over both me and my bike! Hosing oneself down in the garden in February is not a pleasant way to finish a bike ride! Ah well – if the campsites on our route have only cold showers available, I will be ready for them!