Just Wow | Cycle Across Canada !

It is unbelievable. Here we are with our website up and running and already I have donations. I am supposed to set a goal so I am thinking of what is realistic and do I really need to be realistic?Should I just reach for the stars?

I can’t thank my favorite oldest son enough for all his hard work on setting this up and his good friend for helping helping sort it out. I know nothing about computer language. My son used to tell me “garbage in, garbage out”. That means if you screw up then the computer screws up!!! I did that a lot until I decided to leave it to the experts.
Enough of that, now back to goal setting. The sun was shining and as I was looking out the window at work I thought what a great day for a ride.
Dave managed to do 60 K today. I am so jealous!
Until next time….Maxine