Bicycletrek goes to Africa – again!

It is a very long way from Vancouver to Cape Town, but both us and Dave’s bicycle did just that! The event was the The Cape Argus Cycle Tour which is a 109 km one-day race (or fun ride!) around the picturesque Cape Penninsula, and there were 37,000 entries! The pros start at 6:15 am, then the rest of us start in groups of 600 every 4 minutes thereafter. Dave started at 7:44 am and headed off into a day of cycling in temperatures of “only” 29º C. Unlike the 2012 race, there were only a few cases of heatstroke, and Dave had no cramp problems. However, as previously, stated into a 45kph headwind that blew all day!

This is a great event with the roads completely closed to all traffic from start to finish. Crowds lined the route cheering us, holding street parties, cheerleaders, etc. all the way!
Our journey was similar to 2012 being a little longer as we made a “side trip” from London to Abu Dhabi and return to see Jo, CJ and our grandchildren, Brodie and Tegan. (The bike remained at Heathrow in “Left Luggage”)
Do it again?? Yes, most likely “one of these days”!! Here are a few of the photos:

Dave just before the start

Along the coast road heading south

Chappies again!

Top of Chappies

Starting Suikerbossie

Top of Suikerbossie

Finish line!!