Cycle Across Canada goes to Africa 2010!


Cape Town



”Uncle” Dave with Krystal and Jordan – and Table Mountain backdrop.

Dave is in Cape Town to participate in The Cape Argus cycle race which is held on the Cape Penninsula on March 14th. This is a 109 km race starting and finishing in Cape Town. There are 35,000 entries, including Lance Armstrong – and he need not worry about being beaten by Dave, because they are in different groups! Dave is in the 65-69 years old group, and Lance (plus most of the other riders!) are in somewhat younger categories! Here are some photos taken on Chapman’s Peak, Suikerbossie Hill and the finish line:

At the start of Chapman’s Peak

All on Chapppies!

Near the summit of Chappies!

On Suikerbossie

This hill goes on forever!!

Finish Line!

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