Jasper – Icefield Parkway

Here is my “training” ride for this year’s BC Lung Trek. Starting from Jasper, I covered 720 kms in 6 riding days. Best day was 140 kms, but averaged 120k per day. Climbed a total of 4,700 metres including 2 mountain passes. Most exciting ride was down Kicking Horse Pass, where I was able to use the traffic lanes (no vehicles in sight) and did not touch my brakes all the way down! Fastest was 71 kph without pedaling descending Sunwapta, and I hit this going through a corner with a speed limit sign posted in big black on yellow letters “50 kph” – ah well, that was meant for cars wasn’t it?!

Lots of hill climbs this trip, but biggest surprise was heading out of Vernon – thought the mountains were behind me, but spent a hour in low, low gear to get up that one! From there to Kelowna where I flew to Vancouver, ferry to Nanaimo Duke Point, then my last day pedaling back to Courtenay – Maxine was going to meet me in Nanaimo and drive home, but that plan didn’t quite work out!.

Read on for some photos:


Loaded up and ready to go!


First day out – sunshine and great mountain views


One of my typical campsites – Jonas Creek


Early morning – I was on the road by 7:30am!


Approaching the windswept valley before the Columbia Icefield


Columbia Icefield – I made it!!


Sunwapta descent – 71 kph without pedaling!


Bow Lake – the road is 2,067 metres at the top of Bow Pass


View from the “cockpit”!


Re-assembling bike and load inside Vancouver Airport


Maxine couldn’t get time off work – so this was my sole company!