We see the Rockies | Cycle Across Canada

We left Edmonton on a cold and windy morning after breakfast with Andrew before he went off to work (Work? What’s that?!) It took a long time to clear Edmonton what with 40 kph headwinds and a very long train stopped at a crossing holding up all the traffic!

Kept going to a place called Stony Plain where we had lunch at Boston Pizza with Deb – a friend of Maxine’s from way back. They had a lot to talk about!! It was a long lunch, but finally had to say goodbye, and off into the headwinds again. We kept going for 113 kms and saw 2 moose crossing a farmer’s field – they simply stepped over the fence!
Two days and 190 kms later, we were in Hinton and en route, got our first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains on the horizon – they don’t seem so big from here? Here in Hinton we are spending the night with Sandy – another friend of Maxine’s and her son Scott who is Maxine’s nephew and was visiting for the weekend. I will probably be asleep a long time before they finish catching up on each others’ news!! Tomorrow we head for Jasper, into and eventually, across the Rockies.