Photo gallery No.8 – Mile Zero No. 2!

Almost home! After leaving the mountains behind us, we stopped off in Alderbrook for lunch at the White Spot, where Colin, the owner, graciously paid for a wonderful lunch. Later that afternoon we arrived at Mike and Marnie’s home in Tswwassen. We stayed overnight with them and their daughter Lauren and son Aidan who had just returned from the PNE full of his day’s excitment. We were fed a great BBQ – just what we needed after another day of more than 100kms cycling! Next morning off to the ferry, and then to Mile Zero in Victoria where we were met by Corri, TV, Press and Radio – plus a busload of foreign tourists all of whom wanted their photo taken with us! Now see the photos…..

Here we are about to ascend the second part of the Coquihalla –
another day of over a 1000 metres elevation gain!
Young Aidan leads the way via his shortcut to Tswwassen
(Marnie, his Mom, came along so she could also see the “shortcut”)
Mile Zero! Only about 8,000 kms and 15 weeks since we were at Mile Zero
in Newfoundland! Maxine’s favourite eldest son Corri, was there to meet us.
Just a small section of the 5th Estate interviewing us!