Pride of the Prairies | Cycle Across Canada

The last two days have been great! 122 k to Carberry and then 100 k to Oak Lake. The land has flattened out but the rain is starting. We have done about 96 k, arrive in Moosomin, we are tired so we decide on a room for the night but everthing is booked! Then the Pride of the Prairies and its’ generosity shows itself.

After getting ” sorry we are full” I go into the last motel and I am ready to see if they know anyone who wants to be an unofficial B&B. I go in and he looks at me and sees me wet and can tell I am cold and before I can say too much he has offered us his motor home and has thrown the keys to his truck to Dave and tells us to go get something to eat and he will set us up when we get back! Unbelievable but true. So when we come back from eating Darrell says the wife thinks we should use their spare bedroom. So once again we have fallen onto the kindness of strangers. What nice people. If we are ever back this way we will stop there for sure. They are fantastic. Not uptight about every detail. They make you feel welcome. Their Motel is named Prairie Pride and they live up to it. Thank you Evelyn and Darrell. Your generosity is not forgotten.
Here they are:
Hope to see you folks again one day – fishing in Cambell River?