Cycle Across Canada | Would you believe it?

Yes, the weather was hot, but riding against the wind when it is hot seemed harder than when it was raining. Hot, sweaty, and very unlady like!!

We decided on a B&B for the night and while we were out having dinner, within the half hour, the wind whipped up and changed direction. Yeah!!…. but we were done for the day. The next morning we had a broken french/ english conversation with some other tenants in the house. They helped us do some french translations and gave a donation. Thanks Claude.
WE HAD TAIL WINDS!!! We rode for 136 k. that day. What a good feeling.
We met Francis who was just finishing up his 1 month trip and he said he travelled in the storm the day before and was kicking along at 40 k an hour not even noticing working at all. Hope all went well for you Francis.
Riding along the St. Laurence was spectacular and with the fires happening we had some very red sunsets. Bob, if only we had your camera.
We reached Levi soaking wet and jumped the ferry to Quebec City. Old Quebec which we are exploring today. Then off to Montreal tomorrow. It will take two to three days. Depending on the weather.
Kim, you would not believe how much I eat, how tired I am by 9:30 at night and how sore my butt is at the end of some days. Am I tired of doing this? Not a chance. It is a thrill. I will miss the Hornby trip though. Is Bob back and how is Georgina? Who is still there and is there news of who will be back next year? I guess you will be. By the way the shopping looks good here, Nancy.
Good to hear from you Nat. Email me.
Ryan, you out there? How are things. Give my Love to your granny.
Peace out, Maxine