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Right, funny title for a blog. This will give you an idea how small the towns are. How little business the local restaurants get.

We go in for breakfast and I ask for brown toast. There is no brown bread. No biggy, I have white toast. Tastes a bit old but still….
We go back at lunch and Dave orders a sandwich only to be told, “sorry there is no bread”!! We had it for breakfast and used it up!!
Next day we go and ask for sausages with our breakfast. Of course there were none. We are getting smarter and I think you have to go with today’s special in order to be sure they have it whether it is on the menu or not. Quite fun really.
There was a nice place in Badger called Mom’s and she made us some real thick roast beef sandwiches for lunch. We had these on the side of the road and ate in record time because it was dam cold!!
Lucky we didn’t have far to go and it looks like here in South Brook they have huge portions at the local diner. Dave is thrilled and I am happy to see a piano and guitar in the corner that we may get to hear played tonight. I’ll bet it will be country!! We take what we can get. I am missing my music.
Richie, you aren’t the only one who appreciated my car stereo. Hi, to Nancy!! Nice of you to follow us along I will tell you know, things are different here. We think we are laid back on Vancouver Island. Well let me tell you there are some places here to take lessons from!!!
Len and Judy, give Willow and Sasha a hug for us. Tell them we visited a puppy who was the size of me and just about knocked me over!! Hope the girls are being good.
Andrew, thanks son for printing poster and putting them up. Could you send some to James and have him take one to my work. They are sweet and are following us. Can’t wait to see you when we get there!!
Any one know of a place to stay in Nova Scotia?
Peace and all that stuff, Maxine ;^)