Cycle Across Canada – Geocaching

Today we went Geocaching on Marble Mountain. For those of you who are not sure what that is, it’s a grown up version of treasure hunting. You need a GPS and you need to log onto a computer and find out the coordinates of where a cache is near you and then you head out to find it. Sometimes it takes you crashing through a bush or walking in a stream or they may be in the middle of a city. When you find it you write your name in a book to say you have been there and put some little thing in for everyone to look at. You may also fine a Travel Bug looking to go somewhere so you take him out of the box (usually a tupperware container) and you take him to another Geo site. We left one here to make his way around the world.
His name is Solid. Solid Asa Rock.

This is a picture of him leaving home. See you when you get home Solid!
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