13 degrees, maybe as we Cycle Across Canada

It’s supposed to go up to 13 today so we will have a warmer ride. I say maybe because I have heard that before.

James, you know that Sun Dance you were going to do for us? We it is a bit of a slacker so if you could get some people together and kick it up a notch that would be great!!!
Queen Jean, we were honoured to have had a comment from you and your royal other half.
By the way, that trick about using the shower caps from hotel rooms over your helmet to keep your head dry? Well if I remember right I laughed at the idea but it works. Keeps your head warmer as well. Thanks for the regal tip. We have gone through a couple each already.
Hope you are training for our ride in September!
Well, off we go, our trusty steeds await us and I don’t know when we will be able to log in again.
Sandwickians, hope all is well. I am in another school in Badger NL using their internet. It is a neat project for Communtiy Access.
Peace and warm thoughts, Maxine