Reality sinks in | Cycle Across Canada

Reality of the vastness and the whole concept of cycling across Canada is sinking in a little deeper. Probably not as deep as it will be sinking by day 6.

With the reality I was listening to a niggly little voice in my head asking will I really be able to do this? I guess that would be called doubt. I thought some more about this as I was surprised at myself and realized I was a bit anxious as I don’t like to start something I can’t finish.
That took me to thinking about hiking Kilimanjaro, which was hard but I would do it again in a flash. From there my mind drifted to the safari we went on and it was there that I found riding inspiration as I remember watching the local people. They had bikes that weighed a ton and as you can imagine no gears. These people had strength that you could not see. Their legs were skinny and their bodies were boney and yet they would ride a bike with two big gas cans full of water, down something one could barely define as a road. I saw others going across planes of tall grass over ruts, doubling someone on the back and carrying some sort of supplies as well. When we grew closer I noticed they may have just have well just been riding on the rims as there wasn’t much left of the rubber on the tire and there was very little air in them if any at all. I totally respected their dedication. For them they did it out of need. For me it is a whim and a challenge. How lucky I am that I have this opportunity.
It is only by choice that I make it a matter of life and breath!
I will make it. M