Knee Test | Cycle Across Canada

Great to visit Europe, but four weeks without cycling? Tried to make up time yesterday and guess what? Yep, saddle sore again!

I was worried about my knees after their contact with those stone steps in Budapest – both still quite bruised. I set of yesterday in sunshine to do a fast one hour to check out the knee joints, and although still bruised, I am happy to say no internal aches, so I guess that by 8 May, everything should be OK!
Amazing the difference the wind makes! I averaged 30 kph with the wind on the outward leg, and only half that on the return against the wind. Maybe crossing the prairies the “wrong way” against the wind may not be such a good idea after all!!
No cycling today – it is raining and winds blowing such that even BC Ferries have canceled some local sailings. I’ll wait for the sunshine!