100 km day training to Cycle Across Canada

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny, albeit cold, so undaunted I set off to try for 100kms (that’s 63 miles for our US friends) It was only about 5 degrees above freezing, but at least the temperature had a “plus” sign in front of it instead of a “minus” sign! The snowplows had cleared most of the hard shoulders, so apart from a few shady areas, the way was snow-free.

I stuck to my plan of wearing shorts, but must admit to 5 layers of clothes above the belt! I’m impressed, but it probably will not impress my son Steve in Saskatchewan who cycles through the winter – in temperatures down to 40 below! The sun was quite warm, and apart from cold toes, everything was going fine. I guess we shouldn’t complain – my daughter Jo is in England, and apparently there it rains every day, so she not only cycles in the rain, but runs and swims in it as well!
I completed about 75 kms before the sun went behind the clouds, and then it got real cold which was quite an incentive to pedal home as fast as I could! Average speed on the saddle was 20 kph (16 mph) and with a lunch stop, and several other short breaks to get the circulation back into my sore rear end, the whole journey took 6 hours. I guess once we get going, 100 kms plus per day should be achievable!?