Cycle Across Canada goes to UK

It is a long way from Vancouver to London, but Dave and his bicycle did just that! The ride was the  “End2End” also known as “LeJoG” which is approximately a 1,500 km ride from John O’Groats at the NE tip of Scotland, down to Land’s End at the SW tip of England.   Before continuing, we had great difficulty with logistics – how to get us and bikes to John O’Groats, and then from Land’s End to Heathrow.  So, if you are visiting UK from overseas, we have provided a logistics section after the write-up. Go to: Logistics (You will first have to click “continue reading…” below or this “Logistics” link will not work!)

But before we start the story, here are the players:


Kate_______________Steve__________Samy ___________Dave

Kate, Steve’s wife, also known as the “Queen of high gear hill climbing and chain entanglements“.
Dave’s son, Steve, also known as the “Doctor of steep, rough and long shortcuts
both setting out from Deep River, Ontario
Samy, who before we started, had a longest bike ride of 14 kms, and also known as the “Doctor of the selfie”  starting the journey from Ottawa.
And finally, me! I think the young folk regarded me as “The ancient mariner“!


Assembling the bikes at Heathrow….


…..packed in the van, and ready to go!!

We all met at Heathrow, and rented a van to take Dave and Steve plus all the bikes up to Inverness.  Kate and Samy flew to Aberdeen, and thence by rail also to Inverness.  There was a “small” 5 hour delay in that the bikes of both Kate and Samy did not make it onto their plane from Toronto!  Luckily, there was another same day flight later! We spent the night in Inverness where Dave and Steve arrived after midnight, having driven with only a few short fueling stops.  Despite the late night, we were all ready early next morning, panniers packed and ready for the trip to John O’Groats.   We were collected from the hotel by The John O’Groats Bike Transport Co. to transport both ourselves and bikes to John O’Groats. What a great service and we thoroughly recommend them!


At kilometer “0” the famous signpost at John O’Groats.  Just before it started to rain!

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