More Rain in New Brunswick | Cycle Across Canada

I had always wanted to cycle across the Pont du Quebec. Check out the width of the bike path – very eerie looking down through the girders to the water below!


Pont du Quebec

Time for a new set of tires! Had 3 flats in the past couple of weeks, and all in the rear tire


An all too common a scene – fixing a flat along the highway!

My tent appears so tiny compared to the big RV’s in the campsites!


Typical campsite scene

It was very picturesque cycling along the St Lawrence Seaway north of Montreal.


My bike along the Seaway on a rare sunny day!

An interesting ride out of Quebec following Hwy 132 up to Riviere-du-Loup with tail winds I was able to cover a lot of ground. Once in Riviere-du-Loup the Hwy ends, and only route to Edmuntston is the Route 85 – a freeway and cyclists not permitted! There is a bike path, but gravel, so only alternative is to pedal fast along the 85 for about 8kms until it ends, and becomes the 185! (Since found out Rue Lafontaine to Rue Temiscouata in fact joins the 185! But, no signs in town!

Once in Edmunston the rains began again, and I spent a wet couple of days following the St John River to Fredericton. The last hour into Fredericton was in a torrential downpour with the water on the road up over my wheel rims! I went to a motel thoroughly soaked! Forecast for the next 4 days is more rain, so I guess it will be a wet ride to PEI!

Now there are wireless zones everywhere, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find internet cafes, and libraries don’t allow USB plug-ins, so can’t download photos! So, here in Fredericton the guys at Radical Edge Cycle and Ski are letting me use their computer while they fit new tires to my bike! So if you need bike stuff here, please support them!

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