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Under cloudy skies and threatening rain and starting out at 6:30am, I made the 156 kms from Prince Rupert to Terrace in 10 hours! Overnight at the Ferry Island campsite, and next day rode to Kitimat. All the way, the hills seemed to have grown since I was living there in the 1960’s! Went back to Alcan, where I was interviewed for “The Ingot” which is the in-house newspaper.


Me outside the old office building – 40 years on!

And here is another bit of history! These mountains are the Seven Sisters near Cedarville, and also some 40 years ago, my friend Klaus and I were the first to stand on the summit of Sister No. 7 !


Sister No.7 is on the left

For the past few days, I have struggled out of my sleeping bag at 5am each morning, temperature hovering around 1 or 2 degrees, and hitting the road about 6am! Passed my first 1,000 kms just before Prince George.


Despite the weather, some great views up here!

In Smithers I met Antonio Tomaselli cycling from Anchorage all the way to southern Argentina. We had a great few days together before sadly parting company in Prince George. He is a strong cyclist, so he would sleep-in each morning, set off about 2 hours after me and catch me for lunch! He cycles uphill in high gear standing on the pedals! Very kindly waited for me at the top of each hill, and we cycled together each afternoon! Click here and follow his journey Antonio Tomaselli


Here is Antonio attacking a hill in his “standing” style!

Last night, I went to a two hour presentation by Stephen Lewis – gave me a lot to think about while I am pedaling along! Tomorrow, June 13th, I head for Tete Jeune Junction and the BIG CLIMB up past Mt Robson to Jasper!!

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