It’s cold and wet up north | Cycle Across Canada

I put my tent up last night 65kms east of Prince George at Purden Lake – a campsite with a small cafe – then the rain started!! Rained all night, and this morning my bedroll was floating on water in the tent! Luckily it is thick enough that only a bit of the sleeping bag got wet! Last night I bought 4 big turkey sandwiches on home baked bread from the cafe and ate them en route today. Had to pack the tent and fly both soaking wet!!


Here is tent drying method no.1 – all pegged out on grass at the edge of the highway!

Rained ALL DAY and the temp never went above 4 degrees! Had to eat those sandwiches in the rain. Got real close to a bull moose in the ditch below the road, then he saw me and ran off. Next passed a fully grown black bear that stood up on his hind legs with paws held together as he watched me go by. That was followed by a mother bear and her cub that I rode past as quick as I could, then a wolf stood just at the edge of the bush and watched me, but as soon as I stopped, he ran off. No photos as it being so wet, the camera was packed away. Made 50kms before breakfast, 118kms before lunch and finished in McBride at 147kms. Total accumulated climbs came to 1,080 metres – the most I have climbed in one day! The Yellowhead Highway goes up and down like a yo-yo all the way!! Start the big climb up towards Mt Robson tomorrow!

Have to confess to bailing out to a motel tonight, and the room is full of clothes and tent hanging all over the place drying out! (Check back later for photos) There is a restaurant next door where I am just off to eat their biggest steak!


Tent drying method no.2. If your motel room is too small, erect the tent on the bed until it’s dry!


And here is tent drying method no.3 – use the bike if no grass!

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