Going north | Cycle Across Canada

My first bear encounter in Port McNeil! I was minding my own business, gazing around at the view whilst I ate my muffin, turned around, and there not 5 metres away, was this bear! He had his eye on my muffin, so I walked towards him, waved and shouted “Shoo – go away” and he did!


The bear that wanted my muffin

Check out the loaded bike!


Dave loaded up and off to St John’s


Along Nimpkish Lake

I had a full day on the ferry to Prince Rupert – lots of great views


A view of the Inland Passage

The weather along the Skeena River valley has not changed much since I lived up there 40 years ago! I made the 156kms between Prince Rupert and Terrace in 10 hours and that included 768 metres of climbs! But great views all the way.


A view across the Skeena