Not cycling weather!

For our non-Canadian friends, this is not normal! Usually at this time of year, we are enjoying double digit temperatures while the rest of Canada freezes! On the evening TV news we watch them struggling with lots of snow, and have a quiet chuckle to ourselves and maybe go cut the lawn or play golf!

But now the boot is on the other foot! We are struggling with that white stuff called snow, and the rest of Canada enjoy their evening newsreels watching us dig our homes and cars out from under! Up here in Courtenay, we got 2 feet (60cms) of it!

But hey Ontario – just you wait until February……!

Now take a look at our photos…!


Morning after the second dumping of snow!


Both cars well buried!


Sasha – our dog – makes her own path out of the house!


Our deck is buried under here somewhere – so is our BBQ!


Lots of shovel work and the house is accessible……….


….. and several hours of more toil later, the cars are free!