We meet West-East Riders | Cycle Across Canada

(and some wolves!) OK – so we didn’t know about the headwinds everywhere! Lots of others did, and we have met some interesting people cycling across Canada the “right” way!

After we left the Soo, we came across quite a few riders beginning with Ryan Dong who, believe or not, started out from Comox BC! A young guy with lots of energy pulling an incredible 200 kms a day! Good luck Ryan, and we will look out for you on www.xcanadabike.blogspot.com Shortly after Ryan came Andrew Ross who had pedaled with Ryan earlier in the trip. Next day we came across Scott and Dave taking abreak in the shade as they head for Newfoundland. Later in White River we met Jocelyne from Levis PQ on her way home (we will mail a Manitoba decal to you if we find one!) and were joined by Pat (he stayed in a motel, while Jocelyne and ourselves camped out!) Finally met someone going our way – Dave on his recliner who rode with us a couple of days – where are you now, Dave? We were impressed by James and Olivier (Olivier also from Levis) with their heavy loads in tow, and yesterday came across Jason Lancaster trying to catch up his group – see www.otesha.ca