Home away from home as we Cycle Across Canada

If Kate and Steve are reading this, we met your relatives in Sudbury. Really nice people, Albert and Joyce Daniels who welcomed us into their home.

Joyce and Albert welcomed us with a lovely dinner, showers and a comfortable bed. We enjoyed an eveniing with them, but had to decline on the wine! Maybe next time!
After breakfast, we made an early start to pedal west from Sudbury, and soon came across yet another “No cycles” sign on the road with no directions as to where we should ride! And anyway, there was no exit from the highway! Wake up Ontario Roads Department, and recognise there are thousands of cyclists in your Province! It is an obvious problem, as a police cruiser passed us without pause, so we must not be the only cyclists ignoring these signs!
Lots of heavy headwinds, but we made it to the Chutes Park campground in Massey and a good dinner at the Dragonfly restaurant.