Cycle Across Canada | This is our day of glory

Yes, we have a tail wind! Now we know what it would have been like to do it the right direction. After leaving Darrell and Evelyn and the kittens (sooo cute) we fly!

Everything is perfect. The wind, the weather. We found a new part of the Trans Canada that wasn’t in operation yet so we had a whole highway to ourselves for awhile. It was such fun just cruising at 30 k an hour with little effort. We had dinner at Indian Head at a place called the Craft – Tea Elevator. It was a cafe in an restored grain elevator. Very cool. Great food. We were so proud of ourselves we decided on a B&B….again.
Next day the wind was back in our face. Still our spirits were high and Steve, Dave’s son, met us on the road and took us into Saskatoon.
He was leaving town Monday so he didn’t want to miss us. Not to worry . He will drop us where we left off on Sunday.
We saw a great version of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, all hip-hop and rap. It was a blast. Steve made a wicked lasagna and now we’re off to bed early to get up at 6 and return to our ride.
So until we find cyber space again……Love and Peace Maxine