Cycle Across Canada | Photo Op

Next morning in the Chutes park, we woke to really heavy wind, and at breakfast in the town, we met Jackie and Ross who entertained us with tales of the hills ahead all against the wind!

They were headed for a concert in Elliot Lake to see Randy Bachman who lives in our backyard on Saltspring Island. They offered to take a picture of us on the road, which they did about 20 kms later. They were impressed we had got so far against the wind! There must have been a lot of people going to see Randy, as after the Elliot Lake turnoff, the traffic thinned out. Thank goodness as there was hardly any shoulder and cycling required total concentration to stay on the narrow strip of shoulder with heavy traffic and riding against the wind.
We wound up in Blind River, no campsite or motel willing to give us a piece of grass, so we camped hidden in the trees next to “No overnight camping” sign at the Tourist Info place! Great place to stay as flush toilets, warm water and a warm place to change is open all night long.
Where will we be tomorrow? Stay tuned, love M.