Cycle Across Canada | Manitoba – at last!!

Ontario really did “go on forever”! But we made it, hundreds of hills and 2,343 kms!
Here we are in Massey, Central Ontario, about to face the real hills ahead alongside lake Superior! (Note behind us the traffic, and what – in Ontario – passes for a “hard” shoulder that we cyclists have to use to keep away from the traffic!!??)

Now all those hills are finally behind us, and here we are in Winnipeg, Manitoba looking forward to several weeks of cycling on flat ground! But, time is running out, so we are now figuring out the quickest way home that includes both Saskatoon and Edmonton.
We also now seem to have finally left winter behind, and even when it rains, it stays warm. Still having lots of fun, meeting interesting people, and now we begin to give serious thought to those Rocky Mountains we have to cross!
Our next most immediate task is to try and figure out how to get all our photos out of the digital camera and into this site …..!