Off and Riding as we Cycle Across Canada

After a good nights sleep we are off and riding again. We will have a shorter day as we spent too much time on the computer again. No worries. It gives the day a chance to warm up a bit.

We spent the night at City Motel which is just off the TCH on Hwy 101 in Fredericton. They gave us a break on the charge so we slept in comfort. Breakfast in bed was only $3.99. What a treat – try and stay there if you pass that way! Time is pressing on so until we find another computer we shall keep pedalling.
If anyone out there knows Mike Armstrong of Courtenay, Say hello and tell him Maxine wishes him a very Happy Birthday as I think it is his big 50. Treat him to a Lemon Heart!! I will have virgin drink and cheers to him. Can’t seem to drink and ride as the body finds it too dehydrating.
Happy birthday Mike. Hope the wind is blowing the direction you would like!! Dave and I are riding against it at the moment.
It’s been awhile so hello and love to my boys. Anyone out there, give them a hug for me.
Jo, I loved the profile of your belly and our new grandchild. You glow girl!!
Love to all, Maxine