Montreal | Cycle Across Canada

Yet another day of tail winds. It looked like we were off to Montreal but on day two, and the day we were hoping to arrive there, Dave had a flat.
So there we are soaking wet, between towns, and a flat to fix. A cyclist, Peter form Sydney, Down Under, was waiting in the entrance of a building waiting to see if he could get a room for the night, came out to say hello. He had had enough of the rain and wind for the day. We may see him in the future on Van Island. He and I chatted while poor Dave fixed the flat. When Dave was done and everything was packed back on the bike, I looked at his tire and asked if it should look like that. He looked again and we could see the tire separating away from the wall. Now we needed a whole new tire, not just a tube.

As luck would have it a very nice man came by and took Dave into town to buy a tire and drove him back while I waited with the bikes. By the time it was fixed we had lost a lot of cycling time so we had to stay in a motel for another night before reaching friends, Russell and Ulla’s.
The next day we spent mostly trying to get through Montreal. The bike paths were magic but long. It was the grand tour and took about three hours.
Finally at our friends and rest and relaxation. They cooked a wonderful dinner served with a very nice wine! The company was fantastic and it is so nice to sit on a couch!!
The laundry is done, Dave is putting finishing touches on his bike. His brakes are gone, and the tire he bought before just limped us into town. So new tires, new brakes, new socks and we will go tour Montreal. Tomorrow we are off to Ottawa, there to spend time with friends Pete and Michele.
Wednesday is Dave’s Birthday. It would be nice to share it with friends. It is also a full moon…..Hmmm…I wonder what awaits us.
Off to shop, until next time, think NE winds, 🙂 Maxine