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Alison from our previous blog, phoned ahead to Kevin’s brother Denis, who offered us space on the lawn and a BBQ dinner!

We reached their house in Pembroke where the BBQ was ready, and we met Suzie and baby Jack. Not only did they feed us in the evening, but got up at 6:30 am to cook us breakfast – many thanks, we really appreciated your hospitality!
On to Deep River, where during supermarket shopping we met RoseMarie Doliner who gave us donation for the Lung Assoc. and after that, no more towns for a long time, so camped by the roadside with a cold dinner! Next day saw us near Rothergen where, en route to a campsite, we were attacked by Deer flies – lots of bites before we covered ourselves in repellent! Lovely campsite by a lake with beaver swimming around. Next day we saw a tandem recline bike coming towards us – ridden by John Guy alone out from Saturna Island near home! John we hope you get tail winds in Newfoundland!