Cycle Across Canada and a First!

This is our first Blog sent from a bar!

Here we are in Florenceville, NB home of McCain’s French Fries! We asked a lady who lives next to this pub if we could put our tent on her lawn, and she kindly agreed – thanks, Miriam. Had a great ribs supper in the Bootjack, and the two young ladies working there very kindly paid for our meal – mega thanks to Mista Monteith and Kirsten Everett! They were very sweet!
We are now in the Beaver Dam Pub drinking Ceasars – virgins of course!! We learned the hard way in Charlottetown that alcohol and long distance bike riding don’t go together! Many thanks Pete for the hospitality, and we shall certainly recommend you to our followers!
Any of you folk reading this, please go into Florenceville as you travel the TCH – it is only just off the highway. The friendliest town we have encountered, have breakfast and Buckerhams, lunch at the Bootjack and dinner in the Beaver Dam!!
While we are feeling all mushy and gushy we would also like to thank our helpful tourist info gal at a little stop along the higway back in Woodstock. Heartfelt thanks to Faith Trizna for your donation!
Now, if we could just find a laundromat ….. !?