Bonjour Quebec | Cycle Across Canada

Police escort in Quebec!!

Just as we were leaving New Brunswick, we met a fellow cyclist on his way to the Francesville area of NB. So Guy, if you are reading this, we hope you arrived safely and all is working out for you!
We have to mention in passing our final night in New Brunswick! We left it too late to pitch camp, and as darkness was descending on us, we set up tent on a patch of grass beside a gas station that was closed. In the morning we were woken by a gaggle of geese wandering around, and found we were nicely camped in a field of goose droppings!
We entered Quebec against the by now familiar headwinds, and while struggling uphill to look for a lunch spot, we were invited into the home of Aline and Camile for cold water and water melon. A wonderful couple – many thanks! We continued on our way, only to find the road joined (without an exit) onto the Hwy 20 freeway on which bikes are not allowed! Next thing we know, a police cruiser with flashing blue and red lights is behind us, using his loudhailer to pull us over – never had that experience on a bike before!! Anyway, the Officer was very polite and friendly, understood our situation, and gave us a police escort 2 kms safely to the next exit!