Farewell Nova Scotia | Cycle Across Canada

Yup, we made it to the ferry with lots of time to kill and guess what.
You probably guessed. The ferry was canceled until later that afternoon. There shoots a da’s riding. Awe well, at the weather is turning for the better.

We met people on the ferry from Calgary who also came to ride but wound up renting a van. Smart. They said it was too cold and they couldn’t see a thing so they were cutting their trip short. Sandy and Glen we will give you a call when we get close to Calgary. Thanks for buying us lunch. Hope you got a few good ks in before you headed back.
Just sitting in a cafe in Charlottetown. A smaller version of Joe Reads for all you Courtenay people.
Oh, yes, I need to tell you about breakfast. We stopped at Busters Diner on the Trans Canada and I was so excited!!! I had multigrain toast and she had real cheddar! Did I tell you I have been dreaming about broccoli. Opps, back to the story. The lady serving us asked if we were collecting donations and then gave us a donation. I was mostly grateful, selfish me, for the bread as we have only been seeing mostly white spongy stuff, which if any of you that know me know that is not cool. Thanks Julie.
We are seeing a play about Patsy Cline tonight, and tomorrow it is the infamous Lobster Dinner.
Loving this Sunshine, Stay tuned , :^) Maxine XOX