For the Techies out there!

We have had a lot of interest in the bikes we are using, so for the technically minded, here is a brief description:

Both Dave and Maxine have a class of bicycle known as “Hybrid”. That is, not true road bikes with ultralight frames and skinny wheels, but neither are they low geared heavy mountain bikes with fatty tires. They are truly a hybrid standing somewhere between the two, and designed for long distance asphalt road touring.
Maxine is riding her trusty steed by KONA called the “Hoo-Ha” in a bright blue colour. The bike has a size 50cm frame, and it is equipped with an 8 gear cassette rear derailleur, and a 3 sprocket front derailleur giving her 3×8=24 speeds.
The rollover info (distance travelled for one revolution of the pedals) is, in lowest gear, 70″ and in highest gear 380″ This gives Maxine a good range to attack the steepest paved roads we should encounter, and a nice top gear for cruising with those tail winds she hopes to get all the way from from St John’s to Courtenay(!)
Dave has a somewhat larger steed with a 56cm frame, and his bike is a CANNONDALE Adventure 600 with a 9 gear rear derailleur plus internal 3 speed hub, giving 3×9=27 speeds. But then a with modification for this trip, Dave has added a 2 sprocket front derailleur now giving him 3x9x2=54 gears in total!
Dave’s bike rollover info is, in lowest gear 63″ and in the original highest gear was 365″ but with his modification, it is now 488″ This gives Dave not only a good range to attack the steepest paved roads we should encounter, but also a good chance of getting a speeding ticket on any downhill run! He will keep you posted on that one!