Things are heating up | Cycle Across Canada

Time seems to be going by a bit quicker as we get closer to departure date. There is much to do.

Thank goodness my brother and his lady are taking my girls (dogs) for this time. They will no doubt get thoroughly spoiled and then will need retraining when we get home. Better too much love than not enough and I won’t need to worry about them while we are gone.
That is only the beginning. There was a leave of absence from work, which has now been approved and many other little household details.
Then last but certainly not least there is the fund raising. Today I decided to step it up a notch and went to see a few people. While having my car tuned up at the Nissan dealership I thought “why not?”,
and sure enough they sponsored me. There was no charge for the adjustment on the car either. Life is good.
Boston Pizza, who is also very generous in the valley to causes was quick to give us their support. Their logo will soon be on the top of the page. Thanks also for the free lunch, Garry. We will use it before one of our training rides.
That’s all for today. Tomorrow I will try to contact some people who have been phoning to give their support. I will explain that next time.
Think warm thoughts to St Johns for May. Maxine 🙂