What about my seat? Cycle Across Canada

Dave just went out and bought a new seat for his bike and now I think I must be in the market for one also.

I am not wanting just any seat. Only the best will do for my butt.
So any ideas out there or comments on what to look for in a ladies long distance bike seat?
So far I like the one I have but have been told it may not be good enough for that length of time.
Personally, I think my butt will become calloused and numb and it won’t matter what seat I have because I won’t feel a thing.
Will I be happy to see a couch when I get home?
With the fact there is a grandchild on the way in late August I think we will be home sooner than we had first anticipated. I can’t wait to be a granny and have a little grandsomething on the back of my bike. 🙂
Keep those suggestions coming. Maxine